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First off Don't be scared away by the term "Salvage Title"

Please, let me explain! A salvage title is simply a vehicle that was in a wreck or exposed to water that the insurance company gave the status of the vehicle salvage. You simply fix the few minor issues and have a police inspect your vehicle to confirm it is driveable on the road again and in no time you will receive a rebuilt title in your name ready to go.

We also want to note that most of the vehicles that we buy to sell all have only very minor damages and if we do run into any major mechanical issue we try to fix them before we put them up for sale. This allows the simple average every going person to buy one of are vehicles at a fraction of the cost of what it would take if it was bought new. Then in turn only have to fix a few minor issues so that they can be up and running in no time with a like brand new vehicle.

Salvage Vehicle vs Clean Title ?

Scenario #1

Lets say you only have $5k to spend. Real quick you will realize that this kind of money will not go very far in buying a a vehicle with a clean title and you most likely you will be stuck into buying a vehicle that is 10 year or older with also high miles. Of course now the problem is any vehicle that is that old with that high of mileage will most likely have a lot of wear and tear on it. So in turn over a period of time you will have to fix all those wear and tear parts. This will slowly drain your bank account until you finally are sick of that vehicle, sell it, and start the whole process over again.

Scenario #2

Or for only $5k you can buy one of are salvage vehicles that that you only dreamed you could afford to get into that is only few years old with with low miles and only a few minor issues to repair. This vehicle does not have those annoying squeaky wear and tear issues which you would with an older higher mileage vehicle. You will only need to fix a few minor issues and your up and running in no time. So in conclusion although are vehicles have a few minor issues that might need to be fixed up front. You will realize that this is a long term investment that after up and running you will be good to go with a dependable vehicle for many years to come instead of a short term investment that you might get out of older high mileage vehicle that has clean title. So now the question is not why should I but why shouldnt I ? "



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